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community has pretty much been widespread condemnation. john kerry is on his way to kiev and the president is weighing sanctions against russia. john kerry mentioned there could be asset freezes, be subband, destruction of trade but it is all up in the air. foreign ministers are holding an emergency meeting. >> this is the economics of the moment with secretary kerry going to kiev that so many have requested. they aree yesterday -- well prepared for any guest shortages. that's one of the big economic issues in terms of russia. it suggests big changes and the way that russia sees itself in the world. this is soviet russia. this is not russia the global power. >> the video and photo of the moment is ukraine troops lined up behind a screen. that has been the single photo of the morning. this will be our focus. ian bremer will join us later. >> we are starting to see the repercussions rattle through the market. you mentioned how russia raised its main interest rate to seven percent from 5.5% which is a most since 1998. it has not done much for the ruble and stocks worldwide are falling. futur
expect quite clearly him to work very carefully with secretary kerry of the united states who will be in late tonight and with the ukrainians tomorrow morning to do what he can to prop up ukraine but at the same time tried to, with a way to punish russia. to speed with the latest military situation. clearly a mobilization has taken place over the weekend. but it is not clear who is on whose side. >> that's right. -- russia in control of crimea. troops on the ground. they are working with a russian speaking militia there. got permission on saturday from the parliament to deploy troops. but these forces actually a. before that permission. there is a sense that we actually could see an escalation from where we are now. yesterday they surrounded ukrainian military bases. like you said, the ukrainians themselves are mobilizing but also seeing defections. so, just over the weekend we have seen the head of the navy defect. pro-russian crimean authorities. ironically just one day after he was put in the job after his predecessor was fired over concerns over his loyalty. so, clearly th
being. >> john kerry was also there in kiev. what were the highlights of his trip? fore flew in and was here three hours. he went to independence square, where he went to the shrine of some of the people that were killed in the violence about a week ago. he then expressed his support for the ukrainian people and the ukrainian government and promised $1 billion of aid. he continued to criticize president putin, saying that the hol whole world understood what he was doing and he would not get away with it. that was it. he is now flying off to paris. >> ryan chilcote joining us on the phone. secretary of state kerry' to kiev was designed to show support for the ukrainian government. >> i am pleased to say that this package includes an immediate $1 billion in a loan guarantee to support ukrainian recovery. we return to work with the treasury department of the nine states and with others to lay out a broader, more copper has a plan. >> exactly how much is that going to help? let's turn to michael mckee. is this just a drop in the bucket? >> there's less here than meets the eye. at
they think could be repercussions from the international community? >> well, kerry is on his way here. he wants to do two things. one, prop up ukraine by directly expressing support for ukraine. some think this russian intervention adds impetus to is push to a russian-led apec, which comes later in the week. on the other hand, he may want to punish russia with whatever leverage they have. he spent the better part of yesterday on the phone with a whole host of leaders. have a listen. >> it is really 19th century behavior in the 21st century. there is really no way to start with, if russia persists in this, that the g-8 countries are going to assemble in sochi. that's a starter. >> and one thing, he's been talking about the ruble weakening. we're seeing more of that today or the prospect of more of that happening today. so i think kerry thinks, and the u.s. thinks, that some of russia, that asome of the punishment for russia will be self-inflicted. they are also talking about asset freezes, visa bans. the u.s. does $40 billion in trade with russia. kicking russia out of the g-8, or at least
. >> and we have the draghi press conference. and john kerry meeting with lab rock in paris this morning. let me give you a shot of the ruble. here's what putin is worried about. a week in russian ruble. here is the panic. then we rollover. we really have not come in all that much. that is an elegant chart. by no means technically are we long ruble, strong ruble. the good news in the last 24 hours. we have look at the newspapers this morning and the webpages. here's the front page. >> we did not have to look far. ukraine and the crisis there. john kerry in paris meeting with russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov who said yesterday the threat of sanctions will not change the russian position. there are reports the white house will impose economic sanctions on russia sometime this week. >> we will go to paris in a bit. the former managing director of the i'm at said yesterday, his idea of a sequence. i thought he revis eyes this is a process, a sequence. it is no surprise on neutral territory in paris is where the meeting is. rocks and russia says ukraine owes gazprom $2 billion. >> they have
. there are other reports -- e u.s. statement called at the g7. >> there is a ramp up with secretary kerry migrating toward kiev. i think it is fabulous. this is great. this is the best signal for vladimir putin. the secretary of state stopping and having a baby. -- hugging a baby. john kerry makes the right decision. striking awork groundbreaking agreement with disney. there was a legal standoff between -- and disney over dish's skipping technology. >> this is a huge deal. disney is agreeing to go over the top. they are providing content not on the cable box, not on the --, actually on the web. they refused to do that. this is breaking the traditional agreement they have had with cable carriers, especially espn. > my word for 2014 is distribution. >> over the top. this is huge for disney. >> maybe that leads the way toÀa la carte programming. the big investment banks bracing for a trading plunge in the first quarter. typically the first quarter is when these banks to the best in trading. dropsays that trading will to the high to mid-teen percentage. jamie dimon said that revenue from equities and
in the crimean peninsula. john.s. secretary of state kerry says that putin will suffer record cautions for what he calls an incredible act of aggression. >> he is going to lose all the glow that came out of the olympics. his $60 billion extravaganza. a sochit going to have g-8. he may not remain in the g-8 if this continues. he made find himself with asset freezes on russian business. american business may pull back. there may be of further tumble of the ruble. there is a huge price to pay. >> a lot of threats. to meetaveled to kiev with european ministers. the world is trying to determine what is mr. putin's next move. our guest -- we have the advanced study director and richard falkenrath also joining us. also another guest on the phone. we will start with you. threats or will they go anywhere? >> no, i think they are very real. as secretary of state kerry , the ruble fell. the stock price in russia fell more than 10%. >> ok, you say that it has an effect. i come back with, why is putin not backing down? >> because putin has made an economic and military calculation -- a political and militar
no immediate need to invade the ukraine. john kerry will meet the russian minister in paris. we have pictures of him in madrid talking with his spanish counterpart. >> he said that they were encouraged from abroad. let's get the latest on the situation. let's go to ryan chilcote. >> we are joined by the president of georgia and the republic of georgia. he made a war of russian. what brings us to the ukraine? it has been many years and i was persona non grata. as soon as he was ousted, i was have two expect that we will help with advice because we have experienced. >> are you part of the anti-russian crowd. >> we all became friends. way, they did not really want to. >> what is the endgame? it is historical and sentimental. american companies are there. what has happened is that russia loves the biggest buyer of gas in europe and it has really shrunk. potentially, they have big energy plans for europe. >> it is not proven yet. >> if it turns out that american companies are there -- >> let me ask about the united states. >> yeah. crimea, the have gas and -- but let me ask you about the united st
block the president's budget and offer one of their own. secretary of state john kerry has landed in kia for talks about the future of ukraine. itsce on reducing dependence on russian natural gas, we ask mike to hear from both senator kerry and president obama. putinheard from vladimir for the first time since the outbreak of the prices -- crisis. ryan joins us now from kiev. how did you interpret vladimir putin's remarks? >> the main thing about 's presst putin conferences that we got a sense of what he is thinking. ultimately copy is the only person who knows where this conflict is going to go. for the take away was time being he has no intention to escalate things. he said several things during that press conference, one, he said that he saw no need to send troops into ukraine yet. that was a bit cryptic, because ukraine says there are already 16,000 russian troops in crimea. what he needs, i think, is beyond crimea. into eastern ukraine. he also said that russia has no intention of fighting a war with ukraine, and that russia would ,nly send troops into ukraine eastern ukraine, becau
the pressure on. u.s. secretary of state kerry flies to kiev. good morning everybody. we are live from europe's headquarters here in london. my colleague francine lacqua is off today. we begin with the market reactions to the crisis in the ukraine. investors are selling off russian and western assets on concerns that we are seeing a standoff between russia and the west intensify to a level we have not seen, really, since the end of the cold war. jonathan ferro joins us with the details of the selloff in russia, while caroline hyde takes a closer look at what is happening to european companies and markets. >> russian equities down eight 8.5%.lf percent -- that was for one reason and one reason only, russia's central bank comes out and hikes to seven percent from 5.5%. they say the reason is to prevent inflation risks and ensure financial stability. it does not remove political risk. that is what is driving these markets. look in commodity markets, that is where you get the broader story. natural gas is up two percent this morning. his been up there since most of the morning. this is critical,
in ukraine. she will be traveling with secretary of state john kerry later this evening to kiev. what has been the u.s.'s reaction to russia's actions? >> we have seen at the highest levels, with over the weekend resin obama having that 90 minute phone call with president putin. today vice president item -- biden spoke to the prime , and also threatened increasing double monica, i economic isolation of russia to go forward -- diplomatic and economic isolation. we saw john kerry using big words, and the state department spokesperson today said that the u.s. would hold russia responsible for anything that goes wrong in crimea. the problem is, what can the u.s. do about it? >> what is the likely u.s. response to be, is military action likely? >> it is very unlikely. you are have not even heard, even when president obama said that russia would suffer the consequences of these actions, he never raised the threat of military force. and even though secretary kerry has said that all options are on the table, he admitted openly yesterday that nobody wants military action. even john mccain, usually
kerry is set to travel. the foreigner ministrations policies. >> this is the ultimate result of a feckless foreign policy were no one believes in america's strength anymore. he will be joined by three foreign-policy experts that know russia and this crisis well. stephen hadley, former advisor to president bush, michael mcfaul who has been ambassador to russia for president obama, and nicholas burns, who is a diplomat. welcome. >> thank you. >> what is it about the foreign-policy that you consider feckless? >> among other things, the entire approach to vladimir says the russia president came to office, we have had to reset in a conversation overheard. medvedev to tell vladimir i will be more flexible. he continued denial that is east-west or cold war. it may not be as far as barack obama is concerned, but vladimir putin said the greatest disaster of the 20th century was the fall of the soviet union, to him it is clearly east-west, cold war. partews crimea has a vital of russia and he was not about to give it up and a major naval base. i think this was all predict able, but --
, the twitter ipo. they just keep on coming. secretary of state john kerry is in paris where he will meet with the foreign minister of russia over the crisis in ukraine. the obama administration is considering economic sanctions on russia. offeredeantime, the eu ukraine $2.2 billion in loans. all eyes are on secretary of state john kerry as he sits down with his counterparts. the former president of georgia highlighted the importance of the west's reaction to vladimir when he spokes down with ryan chilcote. >> it could signify a fast and for vladimir putin's adventures. it depends on how the west will react. >> we certainly do not want them to be messy. for more on the tensions in crimea, ryan chilcote joins us. what are we expecting from john ?erry's meeting today >> i think we can expect a frank exchange of views and hopefully, both sides are looking to find out what they intend to do next to read remember, -- next. remember, the united states has threatened sanctions against russia. i will be something the russian foreign minister will want to hear more about. secretary kerry will want
billion and expects to get it. enough, the u.s. secretary of state john kerry arrives and to talk about how the international community cap pop-up ukraine and be looking to hear from him about how he intends to punish russia. talked about sanctions. will be looking for more details about that from him during his visit. very quickly, the situation, does it feel under control, the markets seem to think so. is it because of the selloff yesterday because markets are pause?day apu -- a >> crimea is effectively under russian control. the next question is, are russian forces one to the east of the company -- of the country and nobody knows that. >> ryan chilcote on the ground in kiev. headng us is mark, global of investment at ubs. great to have you the program. thank you for coming on. talk about ukraine. this really took us by surprise. the last two weeks it has been escalated. it is very serious. we're talking about sovereignty and borders. the markets reaction yesterday seem to may be have been overdone if you look at today's reaction. meeting around the clock of that's because we have hea
influence inside that state. >> early ray, secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. would hold russia directly responsible to any escalation in the ukraine. ahn kerry offered ukraine package of loan guarantees and send a warning to moscow. >> none of us want to escalate this so that it becomes the kind of confrontation where people cannot find a reasonable path a result,d where, as you're stuck in a place that's very hard to climb down from. slowlyian markets are recovering from monday's selloff, the biggest loss in five years in the ruble dropped to a record low. non-russian companies with exposure are still worried about their aspects. >> how much of this is a shadow about what is going on in ukraine? >> if it deteriorates, we all have ramifications in terms of economic activity. i sincerely hope it gets resolved before that. welcome back. i am mark barton. 6:32 a.m. in london and is getting breaking earnings from the second biggest sportswear maker, adidas sporting goods company, number two after nike and earnings for the fourth quarter beating estimates. fourth quarter net income
as prime minister today. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. is formulating a $1 billion loan guarantee for the ukraine. kerry also warned against intervention by russia. kiev inlcote is in independence square last night. he filed this report. >> welcome to kiev's independence square, a place that nearly a week after the ousting of former president yanukovych remains the center of power in this country. that is something that is very much on display today in independence square. on the stage, the politicians have come to present their candidates for the country's new government. to receive the people's blessing. distrust of politicians in this country runs very deep even when it comes to those politicians that were in the opposition to yanukovych that stood with the protesters here just a week ago. when you look around independence square, you quickly realize that the real power in kiev today is here with the people on the square. a constituency of maybe tens of thousands in a country of 45 million. who is calling the shots? right here, as far as i can tell, it looks like it i
ofthe the world. we need to get to the crisis in crimea. john kerry is headed to the capital of kiev to meet with the new prime minister. i went to bring in julianna from a snowyng us washington, d.c. i imagine the white house had a busy weekend. is d.c. surprised by putin's aggressiveness? respondare working to in handle and control this to the extent they can. seen, the options available to the u.s. are pretty limited. saying over the weekend they are essentially dealing with a leader in valid america -- and vladimir putin who is dealing with a 20th leadingmindset while rusher to be part of the 21st-century economy. that is the challenge they are dealing with. y areare not saying ther going to be changing the calculus. what they are working on is speaking with a united voice out of the international communities, g7. the weekend the u.s. and other g7 nations are expending -- suspending preparations for the g-8 in sochi. there working him putting together sanctions to punish russia and working on putting on an aid package for ukraine which john kerry will be discussing. >> what about
is beginning to get a plan together in ukraine. john kerry is scheduled to sit down with russia's foreign minister. ryan chilcote is in tf. -- in kiev. >> i think we do expect him to threaten t secretary b with thoe sanctions. with thosey lavrov sanctions. talk -- theen threats of sanctions can be as powerful as the sanctions themselves. two things to think about -- since the u.s. started talking about sanctions, a couple of things that happened. yesterday, we heard from president putin for the first time in public comments talking about the crisis. saying that he was not going to escalate this crisis. it did not sound like you would send troops into eastern ukraine. event that i would point out is, kerry today talking to lavrov. he had a multilateral meeting with the u.k. in france and he wanted lavrov and russia to attend. they said they would not go to that meeting. that would be a disappointment for kerry. -- he has tot the balance it out. from targeted sanctions against russian officials and their bank assets abroad, visa restrictions to sanctions that would affect u.s. businesses co
tours by russian ships. does it, cold war? secretary john kerry said yesterday, "this is not rocky iv ." don't you love that face? seriously, that seems to be the international response. >> this is something everyone was very concerned about in terms of the russian speaking population. it was part of russia until about 1954 come of the soviet union. and the concern is with ninkovich on, where will you have the russian speaking population feeling under siege? --you mentioned, we want to they are saying they want to rejoin russia. were talking over the break about the sphere of influence that russia is trying to protect. and that has been a long-term story. there was an interesting claim about syria. >> this goes back to international relations. are we trying to redo the soviet bloc? simple as putin wanting a russian bloc? look at what has happened with the expansion of nato, they very much believe there is a western effort and a nato-led effort to break apart its sphere of influence. >> can i ask a dumb question? why is no oil moved? >> there is really no oil in the story. many are con
. there have been limited comments from him directly. his kerry today spoke with foreign counterpart, his foreign minister counterpart in russia. they had a conversation about this, and again some of that conversation, the russians have said they are planning to intervene here. something is happening here. we are getting reports on the ground from people in crimea, reporters who claim they have seen russian troops. we will see what the president has to say, how strong the rhetoric is from the president. so far, other members of the administration are speaking out. the fact that the president is speaking out suggests this has moved up a notch. we have not heard from the president since he was in next ago on ukraine. interesting to see how tough he sounds when he appears in front of the cameras. >> as we await the president, i benching is the senior vice president for stonebridge group rate he is also worked as the senior adviser group i'm wondering if you can give us a little context for the president's statements today. what is the status of the ukraine government? >> thank you for the qu
. the next move by the united kerry will be heading to kiev tonight. they are showing support for a larger package being headed up by the imf eric wedge of russian groups on the one side will about leverage on the u.s. side? is there any leverage that they have? >> there's not a whole lot of leverage other than the isolation that the president talked about, and the threat of echo extinctions. military force, the military action not even on the table. the president believes and smart able to the, and sanctions. the suspending of the g-8 summit , canceling trade and marshall talks, those are off our table. toss could be an effort to russia out of the g-8 altogether, and then kicking them out of the wto, freezing assets to u.s. banks and european banks, and severing commercial ties. we are a long way from that, a lot of road ahead in terms of trying to reach a diplomatic solution there. tengion seem to be going up instead of down. >> thank you very much. for more on ukraine, and the potential sanctions that could be imposed on russia we have robert kahn, the former senior adviser at the world
, there was no shortage of rhetoric from our side. john kerry arrived in kiev earlier today where he met with ukrainian leaders and held a news conference. >> the united states reconfirms our commitment to ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity will stop according to -- integrity. according to international law. we condemn the russian federation's act of aggression and we have throughout this moment evidence of a great transformation taking place. and in that transformation, we will stand with the people of ukraine. today, ukrainians are demanding a government with the consent of the people. and i have to say that we all greatly admire the restraint the transitional government has shown as it makes this transition. they have shown restraint. despite an invasion of ukrainian homeland and a russian government that has chosen aggression and intimidation as a first resort. the contrast really could not be clearer. determined ukrainians demonstrating strength through unity and the russian government out of excuses, hiding its hand behind falsehoods, intimidation, and provocations. in the hearts of
that one pair finally, paris, where secretary kerry was meeting earlier in the day with a russian foreign minister minister and then met with foreign minister of france. trying to find an agreement. this is the first face-to-face meeting with secretary kerry and the russian foreign minister. two jobs. once you convince russians to hold out forces in ukraine and secondly to try to convince foreign ministers to sit down for face-to-face talks with the cranium foreign minister. those two sides have not had talks at all. seven minutes ago, the foreign minister of russia left though the and was asked if he had just seen his ukrainian counterpart and he looked at the reporter and said, who is that. that is because he does not regard the ukrainian foreign minister as legitimate. he said no talks and walked away. >> ryan, thank you. for more on the ukraine, i am byned from washington resident fellow on international security at the atlantic council, he focuses on nato, transatlantice crisis. welcome. thank you for your time today. west shouldthe serve a two-pronged approach by giving support to t
is less likely. >> very constructive, that is how john kerry described talks today in paris in order to resolve the crisis and ukrainian crimea. showed no signs of leaving crimea and congress is preparing to authorize sanctions. peter cook has the latest. john kerry says progress was made that -- but risks remain. he spokewas upbeat as in paris late this afternoon. the comments followed separate talks with not only russia plus foreign minister but ukraine's foreign minister. he is talking as well with several of his european counterparts. all part of this effort to resolve the you came -- ukraine crisis. he suggested progress was made. >> we agreed today, both sides and the ukrainians also that where better served if this can be resolved through dialogue. that is important. ukraine, ground in the the special yuan envoy forced to cut short his visit after being threatened by 10 to 15 armed man and ordered to leave the region. he took refuge in a local coffee shop before he did head to the airport and leave the area. in washington, jack lew making the case to congress for $1 billion in
to have their own way. > has won support of the kiev. an protesters in secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. is formulating a loan guarantee to the country. kerry also warned against any russian intervention. and investors are punishing r.b.s. it has posted its biggest loss since getting a government bailout in 2008. they have plans to shrink their government investing business and overseas operations. now lego's results have come out. david tweeth tweed is at the company's h.q. in denmark. good to see you. >> guy, they have just been handed to me, these results. what we see is once again lego is powering ahead with an increase in sales of 11%. i'm going to give it to you in u.s. dollars to about $4.5 u.s. dollars. a little bit of a showdown from last year 25rks% increase in sales but extremely respectable when you consider that the global toy market has been either slightly declining or has been flat in some markets. they have increased sales in all markets and what they are aiming to do and continuing to say they can do is continue to make market share. let me give you the net pr
kerry called it an incredible actor rick -- backed of aggression. act of aggression. >> in my opinion, the way europe has reacted is exactly the way they should react, showing that this is totally unacceptable. but at the moment, talking mostly about economic and npr sanctions, throwing rush out of sochi, noot attending mention of military integration at this stage. i think that is the correct approach. it gives the russians, gives putin an opportunity to come to the party and let the whole situation calmed down. at history, you mentioned the stalin comparison. have you think is will play out? will it lead to the next batch where will it lead in the next one month to two months? what putining that will demand and should be given is formalization of the agreements that again a covert yanakovic gavet him. if they get that confirmation, for theer reasons russian incursion in crimea seem to disappear. then putin needs to come to the table. at the moment, the west is reacting as if russia is strong. russia has a, number of problems. the economy slowed down last year. brics,een as one of th
kerry going out and talking about these sanctions that he will impose. if you are not on board with them, where we you go? what is the million-dollar question. >> it is manus cranny breaking down the numbers. trough interrupt and they missed on the numbers. if you look at the details of , the pain comes in the first half and it comes in the first half when they took the pain on the chin. make costthey would savings and also, the world is looking better and they are with the other issue is what they are doing with the assets. they are synonymous, really. don't worry. we are on track and are having discussions. are is $5 billion and they going to get ready for are nearly at the point where they can sell. that is what they are telling us. >> the strategy is different. but it is ironic. had areersation i have going to be more prudent and pull from capital expenditure. x -- that -- they have cap acts and the strategies are 25% of aing assets for coal miner and they have huge tonnage is of coal because they bought into the deal. this is as china says they will use less coal. it is going
mindset is you have to have a bounce budget. qwest we have john kerry speaking now. >> a tremendous job. none of us want the importance of what we came here to talk about with respect to lebanon be lost. in all of the obvious discussions taking place on the question of the ukraine. the company that came to paris today for this important and timely meeting have all bound us together by a strong commitment to lebanon. a serious conflict bills over -- lebanon's borders the crisis grows we are deeply for the security and sovereignty for their ability to be able to chart their own futures and fulfill the same basic apps -- with everyone else on the planet. i would showed a very dramatic charring effect goes through the last four years four differed charts to show you the extraordinary change in lebanon is a splotch of red instead of red dots. the entire borders read today because of the refugees in lebanon. impactan extraordinary on the dynamics of budget. people are looking for work, people who work for less, it drives wages down and changes it for that nation. the united states is proud to
. >> secretary of state john kerry has said that the united states will guarantee a $1 billion loan to ukraine. they are also considering direct aid to ukraine. the trouble though, trish, is the ukraine needs about 35 to $10 to be solvent. and theou -- the eu united states have been debating this. they have said they will commit one billion dollars, but obviously nowhere near the amount of money ukraine needs to come back from the brink of default. kovacic now onh the run somewhere in ukraine. kovacic ent victoriana vich on the run somewhere in ukraine. ukraine is taking steps forward to put together a new government that could come into place tomorrow. the u.s. guaranteeing a one billion dollar loan. not enough though. they need $35 billion. trish? >> shifting focus to beijing. the notorious air-quality there has reached hazardous levels for a seventh consecutive day before the national people's congress. air pollution is the number one cause of complaints and will dominate discussion of the communist meeting. stephen engle reports. >> we in the media like to use cute terms like airpocalypse
you. simon smith. the aig ceo, will he make profit? find out. ♪ >> john kerry has urged russia to respect the sovereignty of ukraine. give the newia to government breathing space. russia fighter jets have been moved to patrol the border. russia on thee to choices that they make in the next few days. >> mario draghi says that he is committed to defend the you -- the euro against deflation. that they're expecting us to break at 10 a.m. london time. the best film, "12 years a been nominated. charlie rose has been speaking to the director. >> it wasn't referenced, it was not there for me. and findto investigate out about that. rose atan watch charlie 10 p.m. london time. hello, welcome to "countdown." the parent company of british airways and iberia reports for your results within the hour. he has his work cut out for structuring the troubled spanish subsidiary. be a prophet, isn't there? >> there should be a prophet. they have been trending towards profitability. it should be well and profit. >> what are some of the big near-term risks. >> the biggest is really execution risk on e
and offramp -- president clinton and offramp -- they are offering president putin an offramp. john kerry in his tour on sunday talk shows mentioning and highlighting there will be more pain to come unless he backs down. that will lose the glow came out of the olympics. g8 if not remain in the this continues. american business may pull back. there may be a further total of the ruble. a jesus christ day. -- a very bad day. then there is the offramp, the motivation to president clinton paragraph -- mind usedis the pretexts he has so far during this action. maybe he will back down. he did not close the door on seniorcording to officials. >> i went i -- i read one disturbing detail. chancellor angela merkel said to obama that putin is out of reality. >> i think he is rational. a zero-sum world, which most of the rest of the world has moved on from. i do not think any of the measures peter just laid out will move him. i do not see an effective course. he cares more about it than we do by a lot. historically, these economic -- half i do not see the european union agreed to embargo 30% of their
, and preschool education. john kerry is now on the diplomatic front lines of the crisis in the ukraine. the u.s. preparing sanctions to russia. battle for breakfast heating up. the breakfast wars. first of was the lawful taco. starbucks is now going for your egg and cheese dollars with new breakfast offerings. world's largest coffee chain is introducing four was sou items that julie kind to bring in. a sneak preview of what they have. we are staring at these. >> i got a sneak preview last week and i went downstairs to our starbucks and bought them today. there is a new egg and cheese sandwich with vegetables on it. terkel -- turkey bacon and egg white and an egg and cheddar on toast. starbucks told me they look for feedback from their customers. they wanted to see a cut -- a sandwich with more vegetables and they wanted the turkey bacon want to have fewer calories so the reformulated the bread to have fewer calories. this is a market that is in high demand right now. >> they're doing it without a kitchen. >> yes. they do this in a lot of various fast food places where you get breakfast. the b
have increased after the ouster of president yanukovych. secretary of state john kerry says that russia must be careful. the new yorker editor david remnick has just returned from sochi. his article this week is called patriot games, vladimir putin lives his olympic dreams. i'm pleased to have my friend david remnick back at the table. here you are, not an editor. as they say in tv, who know? you never called me talented. >> it was a different experience for you. you are there for nbc commenting. >> i did a few things with bob costas before his eye. poor guy. he played hurt as long as he could. >> the captain limped out. >> like el sid. most olympic games are the olympic games and they are exciting for the athletic things and you get to focus on a different city but this was destined from the start to be half olympic games and half >> let's talk about the political event. this was seen as vladimir putin as what? >> the reassertion of russian confidence and power on the world stage. the soviet union collapsed in 1991 and with it collapsed not only on economy but a kind of nation
will be watching john thompson spea ewi bloomberg tel. up next, neil cash kerry is joining us on "bloomberg west." he is known as the architect of -- nowow soon to be running for governor of california. ♪ "bloombergback to west." california governor jerry brown just made it official yesterday -- he is seeking a record fourth term. he will be running against neel kashkari, potentially a republican candidate for governor. he is often called the $700 billion man known as the architect of tarp, former assistant secretary of the and member of pimco. he joins me now. you very hip to the new technology these days. you are big on twitter and instagram and you take s a lot of reverseelfies. >> i want to take one of you. >> you're also an engineer by background. you used to work at nasa. >> my first job in california was for a nasa contractor. how could that have helped you as a politician? >> it helped me in washington because policymaking is problem-solving and when you try to unravel a problem, that's what engineers do all day. my engineering helped me when i was in washington. >> you welcomed jerry
there in the crimea. you have got president obama sending secretary of state john kerry to kiev. impacth is this going to this showdown between the ukraine and russia? >> it really depends very much what president obama decides to do and what president putin decides to do. is there is for sending ground troops in, and in many ways unless foreign ground troops are going, it seems difficult to see how external powers can exercise any direct influence on what happens on the ground. clearly what the american government would try to do is get russia to withdraw by threatening various sorts of bees of pressure that can applied economically, politically on the international stage. i guess that's what they are going to try to do. signals theto kiev u.s. believes key evidence in the right and russia is in the wrong and will do what it can to bring about a resolution of the issue, but as far as putin is concerned, i don't think this will cut much ice with him. he sees this as being just another instance of when the united states and europe have sought to extend their influence into what he sees as russia's trad
. >> secretary of state, john kerry, threatening future economic sanctions. president obama warning against possible costs. the u.s. must have some sort of leverage over russia. >> we are talking about economic sanctions. but theren option, are so many self-inflicted wounds as well. wille, for instance, it hurt the europeans as well. >> of course europe has 30% of the natural gas coming from russia. any other possible sanctions on the table? at asset visas. russia is a really big economy. it is not like the other countries that have been effectively targeted. from an analytics perspective, very little reason to believe that the sanctions strategy will work. >> not much leverage from the u.s. or europe, really, but there is a lot of ukrainian debt owed to russian banks. >> know, first of all, this is absolutely after chechnya the most important national interest that russia has. nothing that the west short of a military conflict that would have them even considering moving out of crimea. that is the first point. the second is that the european are not going to support that kind of behavior.
if they did do so 20 specifically to the ousted ukrainian president. as putin was speaking, john kerry was arriving in kiev and pledging support for the new ukrainian government, including a promise of $1 billion of u.s. loan guarantees for that new government. he carried a warning for vladimir putin. >> if russia does not choose to be escalate, if it is not willing to work directly with the government as i hope they will then our partners will have absolutely no choice but to join us to continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate russia politically, it will magically, and depomed -- and economically. >> president obama offered a very similar message urging putin to deescalate this crisi. s. they started drafting a formal aid package for the ukraine with addition to the law guarantees are expected to include expanded sanction authorities for the president in this showdown with vladimir putin over ukraine. collects there is less bipartisan support for the president budget plan? there may be a an agreement over ukraine but not over what he sent to congr
. >> it is more of the same in paris, where the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, is meeting with his russian counterpart. on top of crimea, the obama administration along with the european union is holding over russia the threat of economic sanctions. >> if russia does not choose to de-escalate, if they are not willing to work to record with the government of the ukraine as we hope they will be, then our partners will have absolutely no choice but to to join us, to continue to expand upon the steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate russia politically, diplomatically, and economically. >> a huge factor in this conflict as well, russia supplies the fuel to both the european union, meaning it is one more weapon that russia can use. >> on independence square, the speaker calls on men in the crowd to sign up for the ukrainian army to take on russian forces in crimea. the expectation here is that the next front may not involve troops at all. ukraine relies on russia for most of its energy, using most of that natural gas to fuel their industry and heat homes. the fear is that that re
is in the back of people's minds. would you have a situation? that is why john kerry and u.s. officials are telling russian officials to stand down and reminding them of what the russians said about libya. you told us not to going to libya, you should stand down on the situation. ramificationsge with regard to syria. >> this is a question of sphere of influence. you have a situation. are you going to double down on your other remaining ally if you lose crimea? >this is strategic. these are military bases. they do not want to lose allies. they are going to throw a lot behind assad right now. >> here is my morning russ street -- must read this morning. a really smart essay. putin is looking west. now --e is a discussion is china the market for russian gas? things that he is not going to cut off the gas to europe is that he does not want to lose markets. >> great conversation. how does this play in washington? >> it is fascinating. takes a lot of pressure off the economy in the u.s.. you do not have to worry about rates rocketing up. >> people by u.s. bonds. >> exactly. >> should i take my
for russia to send troops to eastern ukraine. john kerry landed in kiev and came out swinging. >> if russia does not choose to the escalate, if it is not willing to work requiem with the government of ukraine as we hope they will be, then our partners will have absolutely no choice but to join us to continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate russia politically, diplomatically, and economically. >> americans get tough. stocks are taking a breather. perhaps an indication markets might not believe the military standoff will result in more. maybe a military calm. we want to bring in the panel was more on the situation. chairman and ceo. vice president of global analysis. theown ryan chilcote on ground. going straight to you to get the very latest. what are people thinking insulating? -- and saying? those were the very first public comments we have gotten from the russian president since conflict began. the sense that at least for the moment he has no intention to go into the east of the country. he said russia does not see the need to go into ukraine yet with
and models. he admits that he has to consider selling by kerry or spinning off some union -- selling a blackberry or spinning off some units. >> running a public company, anything to help our shoulders i have to take a serious look at -- to help our shareholders i have to take a serious look at. today we need to build up that base. the point is, i think the is tied to our best, and a price book is, that is going to be huge -- enterprise focus, that is going to be huge but until we get to the point where we showcase that potential, it is too early to think about getting to $19 billion. telecomt to bring in a analyst at bloomberg industries but also with us, our guest host for the hour, greg rayburn, also worked in telecom as the chief restructuring officer for world, during its own -- for worldcom during its own bankruptcy. you have been closely following what john chen is doing. he did a great job with turnaround on another company. you see those same elements at blackberry? >> i really do, betty. one thing i love about john chen is that he has that rare talent of really looking belo
. we have come out and said we would be willing to lend the country $1 billion. john kerry announced that news earlier this week. that is just a drop in the bucket. can these debt issues be solved? but it hase solved to be properly dealt with. the international monetary fund is the organization that should take care of this situation. willerstand that the imf meet early next week to start working with the new government. the prime minister yesterday made a good point in his declaration and he says it's a high priority for the new government and the imf will ask ukraine to do certain things. it will be to let the exchange rate: that has already happened. the exchange rate has now reached a reasonable value. help drop the deficit sharply. that will end the corrupt subsidies to the coal and gas sector. >> where does this leave the eu? this is a country that if it were to become part of the eu would be bringing on a whole a lot of problems. it is effectively another grease type situation in terms of being in debt. eu'soes that leave the feeling toward ukraine knowing if they were to welc
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